About Me

I’m Joan Otto, and I’m from York, Pennsylvania, a town about an hour south of Harrisburg. I love science, technology, martial arts, writing, personal finance, unschooling and geeking out.

I have more than 14 years of experience as a print and digital media professional, with a focus on technology, community-building, workflow improvements and customer service. And in my spare time, I like to stay crazy busy.

You might know me as the editor and community manager for Man Vs. Debt, where I handle scheduling, customer service, editing, writing and some amazing online courses.

Or, if you’re local, you might recognize me as Ask Joan from the York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News, where I have worked since 1999, currently as community news coordinator and previously as online editor, among many other roles.

I also enjoy freelance digital projects, especially providing top-notch support as a virtual assistant and customer-service manager, creating and maintaining blog-based sites for small businesses, and managing social-media presences for companies I believe in.

Check out my current resume here.